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About us
Tranzakt Global Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian based omni-channel eCommerce enabler, offering eCommerce platform solutions to multichannel businesses in order to establish an online presence in Southeast Asia region.

About us

According to the latest eCommerce survey, the internet penetration in Asia has grown rapidly, eCommerce retail growns at 32% this year and is expected to hit 52.7 % in 2021. The ASIAN shopping behavior is changing to various channels. The customer can be shopping online from desktop, mobile devices, or by telephone or in bricks and mortar store. This requires traditional physical stores to have an online market. Thus, omnichannel becomes the only sustainable way of doing business.
Thus, Tranzakt was born with a vision to leverage the power of omnichannel eCommerce technology and build technologies & services to connect all ecommerce value chain. With the platform, we’re creating a seamless experience that lets consumers shop anytime and anywhere using online, mobile and store. We pride ourselves on building and maintaining long-term customer and merchant relationships, providing them end-to-end eCommerce solutions for running successful online business marketplace.

What We Do

ECommerce retailers face challenges to find a seamless solution for both internal processes and customer experience. Businesses need to look beyond traditional fulfillment strategies and unleash the opportunities that come with omnichannel eCommerce solutions. A weak logistics framework has made eCommerce organizations unprepared to handle high volumes of eCommerce orders, keeping eCommerce at a nascent stage.

How we do it

Tranzakt understands these challenge and believes that supply chain is the backbone of successful eCommerce retail business that sets the foundation and impacts all other aspects of the business. The business model of Tranzakt omnichannel eCommerce solution focuses to provide your business a better collaboration between the retailer, its suppliers, and its logistics providers. It provides transparency across channels to enable seamless information flow and inventory visibility.  This integration brings consistency and cost effectiveness that delivers personalized services and flexible fulfillment anywhere, anytime.

Managing Inventory

When it comes to managing and optimization of your inventory, our system is capable to store inventory at multiple locations. A well customized user-friendly interface, which has in-depth control of the internal logistics and material flow. Tranzakt’s inventory and warehouse management provides full support to eCommerce retail store, from the point where customer places an order to the point where the order has been delivered and satisfied. The real-time inventory status, stock-levels, in-transit inventory and order synchronization provides the best support to the eCommerce store to function efficiently.

We enable a full-service omni channel eCommerce solution, starting from the development of eCommerce store, performance optimization and then finally a dynamic inventory and warehouse management system. The solution is a fully interconnected eCommerce infrastructure that combines traditional bricks and mortar stores and online businesses to create a reliable and smooth shopping experience.

Who We Are

The Beginning  

Back in 1990, we started as a manufacturing company, where we followed traditional supply chain management, that would ease the operations we performed.  It was no longer when problems started to kick in, after the business started scaling up it was difficult to manage complex processes. As a response to it, we integrated different business modules with streamlined processes to manage the business and automate many processes. These business modules were used internally, which helped to connect different business activities from product planning, manufacturing, storing and shipping.

From 2008, this time was crucial as it transformed our company in terms of the choices we made. With the growing eCommerce growth in southeast Asia, we felt the importance of the latest technology and functions that would ease our processes from manufacturing to retail. There was a need of online platform that would connect our suppliers and customers and have the flexibility to manage inventory at the same time. We understand the challenges faced by companies when it comes to supply chain planning and optimization, logistics planning, sales & operations planning and supply chain design. We have been on the same road, where small tasks were becoming complex, which would seem impossible to solve.
The knowledge and expertise we possess, gave us the potential to reanalyze, restructure and rebuilt a unified solution for emerging business. We have adopted time, resource and hard-work towards supply chain management. With the result of it, Tranzakt was introduced with a unified omnichannel solution that would connect all the business channel, internal processes, online eCommerce stores, inventory and warehouse house management. We don’t want emerging businesses to suffer in the complex process that would take their time and resources. Therefore, we have dedicated our omni-channel solution for all the emerging companies to simplifying what matters to gain the efficiencies in the business.


Tranzakt has a highly dedicated team of UX designers, experienced developers, business analysts, digital marketing experts and logistics professionals, will help you with strategies and bring your business online. Implementation of latest methodologies & well-proven techniques to enhance your eCommerce solution.  Our web development professionals, make sure that our omnichannel eCommerce solutions are always at the peak of the eCommerce development and adopt the best practices & proven methodologies to satisfy client’s needs in an effective manner.

Dezign District

Retail and Online Store

Tranzakt owns and operates DezignDistrict, an upcoming eCommerce retailer, with a wide range of exclusive products. DezignDistrict is built with the passion, to bring high-quality products, your favorite international designers and global trends in Southeast Asia region. It comprises of a huge customer-centric eCommerce store and bricks & mortar stores that offer curated services to deliver a personalized shopping experience. Furthermore allows local SMe’s to build their own customized stores.


Jobs Available

– A very good PHP Developer with experience in Magento eCommerce for 1-2 years.

– Working knowledge of Magento in at-least 2 project for 3-4 months.

– Knowledge on Magento deployments, Caching, web servers.

– Good in DBMS.

– Working in support model i.e should be ready to troubleshoot production issues. Expected to working closely with offshore team.

– 1-2 years of professional experience designing digital properties (websites/mobile)
– Strong understanding of digital design concepts – usability, page layout, and navigational structures
– Experience in designing responsive web site layouts using a mobile first approach, providing layouts for screens of all sizes.
– Must have experience using Adobe Photoshop and other Creative Suites tools
– Experience with Sketch for Mac OSX is a plus.
– Experience in layout and user interface design for mobile applications on Android and/or iOS devices is a plus
– Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to develop good working relationships with internal team members
– Strong time management and organizational skills.
– Flexibility to adapt to change and willing to learn and develop new skill sets as applicable

– A deep understanding of e-commerce and retail business marketing
– 3-5 years of experience creating and optimizing large paid search (SEM) campaigns
– Worked with search partners like Google AdWords and Bing Ads
– Strong quantitative, analytical and problem solving skills
– Dreamed about optimizing customer acquisition models through innovative programs
– High attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills
– A desire to have ownership and responsibility of key work and measure the success of programs
– The ability to interact with customers, and take on increasing levels of responsibility
– Ability to lead a team

If you are looking for an internship in:

– Graphics Designing
– Marketing
– Architectural
– Web Designing

send us your resume at  [email protected]


Either you have recently qualified or  have a lot of professional experience, we can always offer you a career path which is adventurous and challenging.


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